A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Tito is lost, and he is getting hungry. Tito needs to find her beloved Lily. But he also needs to get food from people to keep going. Get close to people and tap B button as fast as you can to get food. The quicker you tap the faster you'll get it. Hurry! Tito will never get home if you don't do this right.

Game made in 36h on Warsaw Film School Game Jam 2016 where the theme was: Love.


Graphics - Wioletta Orlowska

Musics & Sounds - Tobiasz "Unfa" Karoń

Coding - VELSKI

You can hear whole in-game music (4:29) on Soundcloud

Install instructions

Just download -> unzip (if necessary)

How to play:

There is tutorial in game for xbox controller but if someone would play on standard keyboard:

  • A/D/Left Arrow/Right Arrow - rotate character
  • W/Up Arrow - move character forward
  • Space - get food from other peoples when you get hungry!

Move very close to your owner to win the game.

Don't let Tito die!


Tito-TheLostCat-x64.app.zip 22 MB
Tito-TheLostCat-x64.zip 21 MB
Tito-TheLostCat-x86.app.zip 21 MB
Tito-TheLostCat-x86.zip 19 MB
Tito-TheLostCat.zip 33 MB