A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Personal Space

local multiplayer, arcade game

You can play as one of 4 cute characters: duck, ghost, unicorn and a ginger cat. The goal is to push your flag into your opponent's zone. You can help yourself by shootting at your enemy and using a special power of barging area around you.

You can kill the second player any time you want, but you can win only if you keep the flag long enough in his base! Then all the space will be your personal space!

What do you need?

- 2 players - 2 gamepads

How to play? See on the picture ----------->


Wioletta Orłowska - graphics

Paweł Szpiczakowski - coding & VFX

Paweł Sołtys - coding

All assets made on game jam, music from free stocks.


OSX.zip 25 MB
Windows.zip 21 MB