A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Game made on Kapitularz Game Jam 2016 at Łódzki Festiwal Fantastyki Łódź, Poland.

Main theme of the jam was: Scotty, you teleported us to Westeros!

Our game is local multiplayer, where you can be one of 3 teams. Main goal in this game is to survive! Props, camera are music synced, to have better experience, please use your headphones or speakers.

Spock's Team is friendly oriented, when they use special ability under A button, they can activate shield barrier which will protect whole team from dying. Shield will stay for 4 seconds and can be activated once per 6secs. Use shield wisely, it can be use as a offensive weapon ;). Spock's Team start with 6 allies.

Jon Snow Team and White Walkers Team are from GoT and they are not very friendly. They want to kill each other. When special button was pressed they spawn 18 fighters, they can be spawned once per 10 seconds. Both start with 90 team members.

Be aware! On the center of the screen there is a hole which will swallow every character.


Wioletta Orłowska - orlowska.tumblr.com

Paweł Szpiczakowski - velski.com

Install instructions

Download, unzip, run. Tutorial in the game.


GameOfTrek-1.5-OSX.app.zip 28 MB
GameOfTrek-Linux.zip 29 MB
GameOfTrek-1.5-Windows.zip 15 MB

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